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Marijuana in Mesothelioma Treatment

03/04/2009 22:21
Marijuana is not legal in many Countries around the world. But it is allowed in some states in US. Marijuana is thought to be a harmful drug. Other psychotropic drugs and sedatives have very bad effects compared to Marijuana. Some of these drugs affect the heart and cause fatal effects. Others...

How to prevent Mesothelioma or Asbestos Cancer!

03/04/2009 22:20
Remember: “Avoidance is better than CURE!” 1. Be aware what is Asbestos and where it is used. Knowledge is important. It is very important to know what materials are made of asbestos. 2. Avoid any contact with asbestos mineral or its fiber. Please be aware that most asbestos cancer patients are...

Types of Mesothelioma:

03/04/2009 22:19
Asbestos can cause a cancer which most people call cancer asbestos. It is also called Mesothelioma. Among all cancers Mesothelioma or Asbestos Cancer ranks the most common form of cancer. There is no doubt in having asbestos cancer as the most common form of cancer because most appliances,...

Mesothelioma Medical Management:

03/04/2009 22:19
It is reprehensible to say that there is NO cure to Mesothelioma. Yes, it is an aggressive form of disease. But, it is still “good” to hope for things which seemed impossible. In SOME cases, cancer, although in the advanced stage, may regress. These are “one in a million” cases. So to all...