Basic Life Support Steps

21/08/2009 18:11

Basic life support Algorithm:

If you see an unresponsive individual.....

1.       Check for responsiveness (Then if no movement or response)

2.      Call for help:  Activate EMS:  Call 911 or emergency number in your local area

3.      Remember ABC: “Look, Feel and Listen”

a.      Check AIRWAY – for aspiration (never finger swipe blindly!)

b.      Check Breathing -  Put your ears near the mouth and look if there’s rise and fall of chest.. if no breathing, give 2 rescue breathing...

                                                              i.      If it responded to intervention given:  Give 1 breath every 5-6 seconds every 2 minutes

                                                            ii.      If no response.

c.       Check Circulation – feel pulse at Carotid artery within 10 seconds

                                                              i.      If no pulse:

1.      Give 30 compressions and 2 breaths until AED arrives, ACLS Provider arrives or victim starts to move.

a.       Push hard and fast (100/min)

b.      Release completely.  Ensure full chest recoil.

c.       Minimize interruptions in compression

d.      Avoid hyperventilation

4.      When AED arrives:

a.      Check RYTHM: Shockable or not?

                                                              i.      If shockable:  Give 1 shock

1.      Resume CPR immediately for 5 cycles

                                                            ii.      If not shockable:

1.      Resume CPR immediately for 5 cycles

2.      Continue until ACLS provider arrives (usually the health care sent from the hospital who will take the responsibility)