Conditions affecting or involving the mouth, esophagus, stomach and duodenum:

03/04/2009 21:45


Disorders - Recommended Diet Prescription/Modifications

Broken Jaw - Mechanical Soft Diet

Dental caries - Mechanical Soft Diet

Dry mouth - Mechanical Soft Diet

Oral surgery - Mechanical Soft Diet

Periodontal disease - Mechanical Soft Diet

Dumping Syndrome - Carbohydrate-restricted; no concentrated sugars; small frequent feedings; fluid and electrolyte replacement

Dysphagia - Mechanical soft, tube feeding, TPN/ Total Parenteral Nutrition

Gastritis - Low fiber, bland

Hiatal Hernia - Small, frequent feedings; low fat bland; weight loss

Indigestion/Dyspepsia - Low-fiber, bland, small frequent feedings

Peptic Ulcer – Bland

Plastic surgery of head or neck - Mechanical soft, tube feeding, TPN

Reflux esophagitis - Small frequent feedings, low fat, bland, weight control

Ulcers of mouth or gums - Mechanical soft, bland