Diet Product to lose weight fast and safe

09/11/2010 00:38


Detoxification is an indispensable step towards your journey to healthy slimming. When your digestive system is clogged, your body is unable to absorb essential nutrients. Before nourishment or 
 slimming can take place, you must first detoxify your body of  excess fats and toxins.  

  I am having problems with defecating.  I usually defecate every 3-5 days.  I am afraid that I might have Colon Cancer.  After taking shake off, I now have good regular stool.      - Rutalee M.

 I took so many diet pills and took many diet regimen but it is only with shake off that I had not experienced palpitaion.     - Annabelle M.


What is Shake OFF Phyto Fiber???

Everyone has residual waste left in the intestines even with regular bowel movements. After taking SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber, you will be surprised (AFTER 6 TO 8 HOURS ! ! !) to see how much waste have accumulated and how amazingly comfortable and relaxing you will feel after finally getting them out!

Healthwise, you could never go wrong with Edmark’s Shake Off Phyto Fiber. Make it part of your regular health habit!

Shake Off Phyto Fiber is a superior colon cleansing health drink made from all natural ingredients that sweeps and flushes out all the toxins from our colons, leaving it clean and healthy. 


BENEFITS of Shake Off Phyto Fiber:
1. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber is prepared from natural ingredients and therefore does not have any harmful side effects. 
2. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber is a fast, effective and affordable way to eliminate congested waste matter. Thus, preventing Coprostasis and colon cancer.
3. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber helps prevent the accumulation of harmful by-products and fat, thereby reducing the possibility of obesity. It also helps lower bad cholesterol.
4. SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber’s cleansing function and anti-oxidant properties promotes better complexion and has an anti-aging effect. It brings out the truth in the saying: “Beauty comes from within”.
5. The good bacteria in SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber stimulates peristaltic movements of the intestines needed to expel wastes thus reducing constipation problems.
6. Taking SHAKE OFF Phyto Fiber is as easy as making and drinking a cup of tea. It comes in convenient, light packages which can be popped into your handbag. Its natural pandan flavor is especially formulated to suit many fancies.

This supplement is Halal and BFAD approved also ISO certified. 




What is Edmark MRT Complex?

Edmark MRT Complex or Meal Replacement Therapy is a program to replace your normal meal with a delicious, low calorie and highly soluble nutritional drink. It has the complete vitamins, proteins, and energy-releasing amino acids than can help reduce weight safely, fast and effectively, while avoiding the hunger pangs often associated with dieting. This is a program that is designed for people who wish to embark on a safe and long-term weight loss and maintenance program.



Buy Shake off Phyto Fiber NOW and Lose weight fast!!!  



Diet Regimen:

1.  Shake off Phyto Fiber (1-2x a day preferrably in the evening) Detoxification

followed by:

2. MRT Complex for 3 weeks (4x a day)

  Breakfast: 1 sachet MRT, Bread, Banana/Apple (any fruit)

  Morning snack:  1 sachet MRT  Biscuit/Skyflakes

  Lunch:  1 C rice, fish/chicken, vegetable (avoid frying)

  Afternoon Snack:  1 sachet MRT  Biscuit/Skyflakes/Bread

  Dinner:  1 sachet MRT  Vegetables (No rice)

***Avoid sweets and softdrinks


Contact Sha at 09289578446 to buy the product..  You can pay via Western Union.