07/04/2009 16:15


Brand Name: Anti-Tuss, Breonesin, Diabetic Tussin EX, Duratuss-G, Fenesin, Gee-Gee, Genatuss, Glyate, Glytuss, Guaifenex LA, Humibid LA, Humibid Sprinkle, Hytuss, Hytuss 2X, Liquibid, Monafed, Muco-Fen-LA, Mytussin, Naldecon Senior EX, Organidin NR, Pneumomist, Respa-GF, Robitussin, Scot-tussin Expectorant, Siltussin, Siltussin SA, Sinumist-SR Capsulets, Touro EX, Tussin


Pregnancy Category C

Drug class: Expectorant



Therapeutic actions

Enhances the output of respiratory tract fluid by reducing adhesiveness and surface tension, facilitating the removal of viscous mucus.




· Symptomatic relief of respiratory conditions characterized by dry, nonproductive cough and in the presence of mucus in the respiratory tract.




· Contraindicated with allergy to guaifenesin.



Adverse effects

Headache, dizziness, Rash, Nausea, vomiting



Interactions with lab test

· Color interference and false results of 5-HIAA and VMA urinary determinations



Nursing considerations

· Monitor reaction to drug; persistent cough for more than 1 wk, fever, rash, or persistent headache may indicate a more serious condition.