Marijuana in Mesothelioma Treatment

03/04/2009 22:21

Marijuana is not legal in many Countries around the world. But it is allowed in some states in US. Marijuana is thought to be a harmful drug. Other psychotropic drugs and sedatives have very bad effects compared to Marijuana. Some of these drugs affect the heart and cause fatal effects. Others cause a massive gain in weight. Medical Marijuana can calm a patient without harming the body that much. Also, some medical professionals say that it has anti-nausea effect. On the other hand, some individuals using marijuana may experience mood swings, problems in perception and memory retention.

Some physicians prefer to use Marijuana compared to other drugs in caring for Cancer patients who are experiencing nausea during chemotherapy. But the law must still prevail. The law in the state where marijuana will be used must be checked if this substance is allowed.

Professionals say it can be one of the treatments for nausea but they are not saying that it is the only treatment which can be used. It will still depend on the choice of treatment of the patient.