Mesothelioma Medical Management:

03/04/2009 22:19

It is reprehensible to say that there is NO cure to Mesothelioma. Yes, it is an aggressive form of disease. But, it is still “good” to hope for things which seemed impossible.

In SOME cases, cancer, although in the advanced stage, may regress. These are “one in a million” cases. So to all people, it is better to PREVENT rather than cure.

However, if Asbestos Cancer or Mesothelioma is already present, there should be a proper medical management given to the affected individual.

SURGERY. Surgery is done to remove the tumor. This will avoid more irritation to the surrounding tissues and organs thus, avoid symptoms felt by the asbestos cancer patient. The affected part of the tissue or organ is also removed to help relieve the patient’s discomfort.

CHEMOTHERAPY. Like other forms of Cancer, Mesothelioma requires Chemotherapy. This is done to eradicate cancer cells which were not removed by surgery. Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy is another type of Chemotherapy. It is good because it allows the drug to go to the cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells.

RADIATION THERAPY. This is given in low doses to avoid harming the heart, lungs, esophagus and spinal cord. This reduces Mesothelioma signs and symptoms.
These managements are usually done in combination to relieve all the signs and symptoms and t prolong the life of the affected individual.

Patients and their families must understand that these treatments do not guarantee a CURE to Mesothelioma. More treatment for this condition is still being studied by medical professionals.