South Beach Diet

07/04/2009 10:47

Diet plan: Cardiologist, Arthur Agatston and Dietitian, Marie Almon.


Goal: Prevent heart disease and LOSE WEIGHT!!!


South Beach Diet Principle:

"Replace bad carbs with good carbs!" and "replace bad fats with good fats"


Foods to avoid:

  • Cakes and other baked goods,
  • sweets, 
  • soft drinks




Phase 1: first two weeks of the diet.

    Limit:  fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sugar, softdrinks or soda, alcohol/wine, and baked products.

    Goal: Eliminate all sugars, processed carbohydrates, fruits, and some higher-glycemic vegetables as well.

             To eliminate the hunger cycle and is expected to result in significant weight loss.

Phase 2:Re-introduces most fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

    ( bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, cereal, or fruit.- one at a time, not all.  Principle: Eat in moderation)

Phase 3:Maintenance phase and lasts for life. No specific list of allowed and foods to be avoided. Make SOUTH BEACH DIET as a WAY OF LIFE!!!