NCLEX - US Nurse Licensure exam

26/10/2010 06:51

 Steps on how to apply for NCLEX: (for FILIPINOS)

1. Download adobe file (licensure by examination) from Then Print it on a paper.

2. Request a finger print card from for free. You will receive it in 2-3 weeks time.

3. Obtain the Required Documents from School: (You will pay the registrar for this and come back after a week)

Original Transcript of records

Authenticated Diploma

Leave pages 13, 17, 22 of the adobe file at the Department of Nursing Secretary or Dean for it to be processed and signed by the Dean. There is a processing fee (P200). Make sure to sign the documents. The instructions from the NCLEX bulletin is that the school must mail it directly to the Nursing Board of registered Nursing California. However some school will give the documents back to you. Mail it separately from the other documents you need to pass.

The documents in a long envelope from the school are as follows:

a. Request for TOR and RLE Records
b. Breakdown of Education Program for International Nursing Program Form
c. Nursing Verification Program Form

4. While waiting to complete the school documents, go to the nearest NBI to have your Finger print Card signed. There are only certain NBI Branches who have authorized personnel to sign the Finger print card.

• In NBI carriedo, there is a P20 entrance fee. Go to the 6th floor to surrender the claim stub. They will give you a small paper then go to the 5th floor for the actual finger printing and signing

• In Baguio, It is more easier. This is done for free. Pregnants are with special treatment. No need to fall in line. Just go to the assigned greeter for instructions. He will direct you to go to the Finger Printing area. Only 1 person is assigned to do the fingerprinting abroad. Ask for this person. Afterwhich you will be told to go to the assigned personel for the finger print card to be checked ( if the finger printing done was correct) then he will sign it.

5. Pay at BDO, BPI or Metro Bank for a Bank draft of $126.00. (Addressed to BOARD OF REGISTERED NURSING) The bank will ask you for $5 fee. (It may vary)… You or any friend or relative must have a dollar account for this. If not buy dollar outside the bank first.
In a brown Envelop, compile the accomplished Finger print card, Original Transcript of Records, pages 13, 17 and 22 of the Adobe file…

In a brown envelop which YOU will send to Registered BON, the documents are as follows:
a. Application for Licensure by Exam (with pic)
b. Finger print Card
c. Copy of PRC License, if none yet:
b.1. Write a Letter of Explanation – explain why you do not have a license yet.
b.2. Obtain a Certificate of Passing from PRC. (This will take a week in PRC Baguio and 1 day in PRC Manila.

6. Mail it to:

1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N217 Sacramento, CA 95834-1924
PO BOX 944210, Sacramento California 94244-2100

If you will mail it through FedEx, you will pay P1,616… (Prices are subject to change without prior notice). They will ask for the telephone number of the Board of Nursing California. You can see that on the bulletin – adobe file you printed.

7. If your documents are complete you will receive a letter from the Board of Registered Nursing, California… This is the Letter of eligibility.

8. Log in at Pay $200 using credit card in the internet or by phone: You will need the following information:

card holder's name, number, type (JCB,american express, visa,mastercard), expiration date (month and year),card security code (On MasterCard and VISA cards, the security code is a 3-digit number printed in the signature area on the back of the card, following the card number. On American Express cards, the security code is a 4-digit number printed above the card number on the front of the card.), address,city,phone ng may-ari ng credit card (for billing statement)

Provide YOUR email address. They will send the ATT to the email add that you will provide.

9. Usually, in 24 hours after payment you will receive your ATT and receipt of payment.

10. Check for an open schedule of your choice within the time and date provided at the ATT. As soon as you have chosen a date and time, you can call the NCLEX hotline provided in the bulletin sent to you with the Letter of Eligiblity. You will need the credit card to pay $175 for the Scheduling of Exam.

10. You will receive a receipt and confirmation of Examination schedule at your email add.

11. To reschedule, call the NCLEX hotline. You will not pay for this unless yo will opt to take the exam in the US or any US territories. You will also pay again all the fees you have paid if you fail to call to reschedule at least one day before the exam.. It is wiser to call weeks before the examination date….

All these guidelines are written in the Bulletin sent to you by the Board of Registered Nursing.