Types of Angina Pectoris

21/08/2009 18:20

Patterns of Angina:


1.      SILENT ANGINA – with objective signs ( signs of MI, ECG changes – dysrythmias and S-T elevation) but patient reports no symptom


2.      STABLE ANGINA – paroxysmal chest pain relieved by rest and nitroglycerine; predictable degree of exertion; stable pattern onset; duration, severity, and relieving factor.



3.      UNSTABLE ANGINA also called “Preinfarction angina,” “Crescendo Angina,” Intermittent coronary syndrome.” It has paroxysmal chest pain and unpredictable degree of exertion.  This usually occurs at night.  It increases in number, duration and severity overtime.


4.      VARIANT ANGINA (PRINZMETAL’S ANGINA) – occurs while at rest, attack tend to happen in the early hours of the day (usually 12 midnight to 8 am)

Relieved by Calcium channel blockers – it relaxes smooth muscles of Coronary artery relieving spasm.


5.      NOCTURNAL ANGINA – Associates with (REM) Rapid eye movement sleep during dreaming


6.      INTRACTABLE ANGINA – Almost similar with unstable angina and should be treated with medical emergency



7.      POST INFARCTION ANGINA – Occurs afer MI when residual ischemia may cause episodes of angina